About my work


About my work 

My work employs strategies of repetition and systems of order with use of various materials. I’m interested when materials and processes become the site for making work. I sometime revisit the old site to find a new site. It all begins with wonderful randomness of thoughts and imaginations that are formed by the collection of inspirations and questions during the process of making. I visually translate them into my language.

 My cultural background (Japanese) has a great impact for inspirations. Being born and raised in the city of Tokyo has cultivated my curiosity for the natural world. As nature has been quietly, yet forcefully coexisted in the modern-day life for Japanese, it is obvious that manmade nature and representation of natural objects were more natural for me. It is probably without my intention that this unique balance between real and artificial shaped my fascination towards designing something tangible and unusual in a small wearable objects.

Clustered and bundled elements I create over the surface of jewelry are, to me, much like the life of lichens. They are unique creatures of intricate ornaments and intimate patterns of organisms, which seem to resemble the community we inhabit. 







曖昧な感覚をかたちにすることで好奇心が欲求を追います。言葉にするには難しいけれど、そのきっかけになるものがあれば人と共有ができる。未知なるものへの新たな疑問や好奇心もまた生まれる。『見ること』と『触れること』のつながりを 自らの身体を通して認識するという動作は、人間が一番はじめに覚える感覚です。