The notion of Touching the Void

University of Wisconsin Stout Study abroad program in Japan 2019

Looking back their 20 days of exceptional events, they took a moment to relax while gazing at the “paper” they made in Tokushima Awagami Paper Factory. By engaging (literally and physically) a large white surface, two-hour intuitive exploration brought a creative finale to the journey. Thanks to UWStout students for participating.

Ma間-terial Workshop June 14th


Workshop May 2019 in NYC

More beautiful when it’s broken

restore / retouch / resurface / repurpose / renew


- transforming the usefulness and embracing the change through broken jewelry and objects

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Exhibition in Italy


Pensieri Preziosi 14

Oratorio di San Rocco in Padova, Italy

Opening: 23 November, 18:30 exhibiting selected works from 2005 to 2018 including the newest. Through February 3rd, 2019