Sight Specific


SIGHT SPECIFIC: Flush+ Bead Setting Contemporary Jewelry Workshop

Jewelry is the context for installation. Incorporating with stones or other objects to create new space within a (un)limited surface.  The workshop offers the fundamental of flush setting and bead setting techniques. Gem identification and metal selection specifically related to these setting styles will be the departure for this workshop. Students create their own setting tools, and learn how to customize other hand tools and gravers for setting.  The workshop also explores the various setting styles, both traditional and non-traditional, stepping into the boundaries between conventional and unconventional around the stone setting practice in contemporary jewelry.


Bianca Lopez Jewelry Art in New York 2012

Brooklyn Metal Works in New York 2014, 2015, 2016

92stY Art Program in New York 2011, 2012, 2013

Hong Kong Design Institute in Hong Kong 2014

Walka School of jewelry design in Chile 2016, 2017

Casa Comite Atelier in Argentina 2016

Atelier Rudee in Bangkok 2016

Toolery Jewelry studio in California  2013

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